Hotel mattress and furniture liquidation is the unsung hero of the hotel furniture process. Hotels frequently replace or update their furniture, and need to liquidate it in order to keep guests comfortable. Hotel mattress liquidation needs to be quick but efficient, as it’s important as a hotel owner to make sure you can replace the old with the new, and get new guests in your rooms without unnecessary delays. Hotel Services Inc. liquidates mattresses from hotels all across America, and does something unique with our mattresses. We recycle our old mattresses, because we believe that, with a little love, a hotel’s mattress doesn’t have to end up in a dump. In this blog, we’ll outline how our mattress liquidation and recycling works, and why we do what we do.


We strive to give mattresses a useful life, and sometimes, once a hotel is finished with one, it’s not actually the end of the mattress’ useful life. Not only does this liquidation process save money, but it reduces the overall environmental impact that these mattresses can have. Used mattresses and box springs are a huge burden on landfills, and mattress liquidation and recycling is the responsible, environmentally friendly solution. At Hotel Mattresses Inc. we cater to four and five star hotels, and pass our mattresses on to independently owned and operated hotels, motels, and resorts.


At Hotel Services Inc., when we get a hotel mattress, we make sure that it gets the care it needs to have more use in another hotel, or home. We strip the mattress to the springs, getting rid of all the parts that are no longer usable. This involves heating the mattress in a large oven to sterilize it, and discarding the old covers. From there, the mattress springs are inspected,  and repaired. The insulation may be reused if it is in good condition. A new layer of padding is then added, and new covers are sewn onto the mattress. After that, the mattress is rebuilt from the inside out and resold either to another hotel, or in the retail market as an affordable, quality-built bed. All the unusable materials are recycled separately. This includes old covers, foam, wood, and steel.


Mattress liquidation is part of the hotel furniture liquidation process, which is a process in which hotels can convert their furniture assets into profit. The liquidation process is rather extensive, as liquidation involves taking out your old furniture so that you can make room to remodel. That is why it’s necessary to have a schedule and budget to stick to. It’s also important to make sure your crew is experienced, and won’t damage your floors, walls, and doors. Hotel Services Inc. provides free, personal quotes with a cost breakdown, designed to accommodate your budget and time constraints. That way, your turnaround time is minimal, and you can get guests back in your rooms.


With hotel mattress liquidation, you can keep up with the hospitality industry’s pressure to keep furnishings in sync with decorating trends. In addition, you can make sure that you’re doing it in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Contact Hotel Services Inc. today to get any questions answered.